Science is a massive buzzword these days. Much science is really ScienceDoneWrong, or BadScience to use the title of BenGoldacre's book. I find RichardFeynman's CargoCultScience talk to be RequiredScienceReading for anybody serious about actually cutting through the rubbish that fills the modern literature. RichardHorton wrote in an editorial in TheLancet, entitled WhatIsMedicinesFiveSigma, that at least half published MedicalScience is 'basically wrong'. If you read BenGoldacre's newer book BadPharma, you will see that what RichardFeynman warned of, has come to pass. Much modern 'science' is CargoCultScience. What the reader must understand is that the truth is not a popularity contest, nor is it affected by acts of parliament. Just because parliament deems it appropriate for RegisteredMedicalPractitioner's to assess a person's MentalHealth, does it no way mean that MedicalTraining is appproriate for the task, that MedicalTreatment works, or that MedicalQualifications are any guarantee of competence. As RichardFeynman says, it is a matter of 'does it work' and I would add the word 'reliably'. When I say DoesItWorkReliably, I mean DoesItWork under AllCircumstances, or at least under NearlyAllcCircumstances, rather than DoesItWorkSometimes. The difference is crucial, and if somethime WorksSometimes, one can CherryPick results to massively distort reality and 'demonstrate' efficacy of a method or treatment where such efficacy does not actually exist.