This little site is a dumping area for information about good books to read. It's in its early stages.

You can hold shift to see quicklinks, that is, if you hold shift, you'll see a little 1 above GoodBooks, which means that pressing 1 takes you here. Likewise, 2 takes you to BuddhismRelated.

You can press 0 to edit, though you need to know the password to save. Usually after pressing 0, you'll be in a text box with the source of the page, and tab will take you to the password box. Cookies are used so that if you insert the correct password once, you won't have to again for about an hour or so.

I've made a MetaPage containing all the spiritual pages (BuddhismRelated VedantaRelated TaoistRelated ChristianRelated ModernStuff) stuck end to end. It is at AllSpiritual, and by pressing shift, you'll see you can get to it by pressing 'a'.