Translations such as EnglishStandardVersion and NewInternationalVersion are popular with evangelical churches. Other churches may tend to prefer a slightly different version. No translation can be perfect, and much consideration must be given to the reality of the time when various books of TheBible were composed. ReadingLiterally is one of the most common, and worse errors present in the modern world when it comes to SpiritualTexts, and should be strenuously avoided.

One can learn to read the OldTestament in the original BiblicalHebrew, and the NewTestament in the original BiblicalGreek. The spoken language of the time of the Gospels was Aramaic, and some grasp of that could help understand figures of speech used. But learning these languages is a labour of love that can take years.

I am discovering more and more the insightful viewpoints that some have of Christian teachings when their spritual experience comes from a tradition other than mainstream Christianity, and it is a shame that their thoughts and writings do not garner more attention than they do.

More recently, with a view to sharing my thoughts about what one should really learn from TheBible, rather than what tends to get taught at a typical BibleCollege and passed on with minimal criticism by the average clergyman, I have see the need to move my centre of gravity to the WorldEnglishBible. In many ways it is not as nice a translation as the EnglishStandardVersion. but it is free of copyright restrictions the world over. the KingJamesVersion is PublicDomain in most countries, but crucially in my home country, the UnitedKingdom, it is CrownCopyright and thus there are restrictions on printing it. I do not care as to whether not every use I may make of it is subject to such restrictions: the fact that I even need to think about it is my issue. With the WorldEnglishBible I do not need to worry. If I write my thoughts up, I will, of course, consult many translations, and perhaps talk to theologians and scholars I know. But the reference translation I will quote will be the WorldEnglishBible. For more on this, see, a SisterWiki to this one, covering my thoughts on the need to rethink ChristianTheology.