Easwaran and Muller trans

This is a collection of sayings of the Buddha.

the KalamaSutta

from the PaliCanon

The PaliCanon is one of the main collections of accounts of the teachings of TheBuddha.


by Stephen Batchelor

Buddhism begin circa 500 BC, and like all ancient traditions, has attracted a lot of unnecessary religious baggage. Batchelor's book aims to strip this away to reveal the important essence of Buddhism.


nominally by TheDalaiLama

This book is the result of an invitation by the WCCM to TheDalaiLama to give his view of the teachings in the ChristianGospelAccounts at an annual seminar given by the WCCM. It presents a reinterpretation of the ChristianGospelAccounts from a TibetanBuddhism perspective.